Sunday, April 29, 2012

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Orks and Chaplains

Orkypeno on a steek

Tis only a flesh wound

Started with the gold bits

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Almost done with da boyz

"Oi gets me good side eh?"

"Wadda you looking at?"

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Cat working on her deffkoptas

Someone finally started working on her deffkoptas.

I started doing the preparation for magnetizing the rotors.

Replacing a broken banner pole

A long while back I discovered the banner pole on my favorite mini was broken off. I repaired it temporarily with super glue but it just didn't hold. In fact it got worse. I found the mini in question on the floor of my closet with the base of the pole chipped out of the mini completely. The perpetrator of this horrible act was caught red pawed and spent the next 20 minutes in the "Cupboard of Woe" and meowing piteously.

Plainly super glue would not fix this

I needed a more permanent repair and the banner pole was beyond salvaging.  I went to 40k Radio and got some inspiration from the Bootaz then went to my hobby bench (aka the flimsy table in the corner).

What I did was tap a hole in the bottom of the cavity with a pin drill and hollow it out a bit with a pointed file

Drilled with pin drill

Next I took a piece of 16g stainless steel wire, got it as straight as I could, cut it to length and ground down the ends to dull points.

Ground down with dremel tool and wheel

I checked the fit in the mini and then glued it in.

Added a bunch more glue after fitting and let dry overnight.
I then repeated the drilling on the banner pole cross bar and glued it onto the wire.

Yes it's dusty

Drilled and ready 

Glued on

Almost there

The next day I mixed up some green stuff and packed the area around the base of the mini and smoothed it out.

Left to harden 8 hours

When the green stuff was hardened, I filed it down flush.  I nicked the mini several times but that's not such a big deal, just be careful not to nick it too deep.

Next I thinned out some Citadel Chaos black and applied 3 layers to the new pole and green stuff.  I also cleaned up any nicks I made.

Do not touch..wet paint

Last I put his banner back on.

I notice the banner could use a touch up.  As soon as I find my sharpies I will do that.

Taddaaaa Terminator Chaplain ready for battle!

News of the Week 4/17

No April fools

Well as it turns out, the Storm Eagle was not an April fools joke. That's probably a good thing for Forge World.  Just hours after Forge World Open House closed the Storm Eagle model started appearing on E-Bay.  The joke is on them since it's cheaper and easier to purchase them from Forge World itself.

Only War

Fantasy Flight Games has released a new Warhammer 40k role playing based on the Imperial Guard.  I'd love to peruse a copy of it to see how the system works and how you would role play a soldier in an army of millions.  Like all Fantasy Flight RPGs is the price tag on the Core Rulebook is a hefty $60.00.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Three down

...and two to go.

Pleased with the sargent

More to do on these

Preview of things to come?