Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Dark Angels Release Sneak Peek

Wow the guys at Games Workshop are trying to hard to make the DA's look different.   I can't say I like any of the new minis except maybe the Deathwing Command Squad.

Cut off the arch thingys and lose the banner and this would be a cool model

Kinda like this one tho a loin cloth wold have been better then the bathrobe.
Best of the batch
If they run out fuel they have sails
One in the foreground looks sexy.  The one in the back looks like it crashed into a birthday cake
Guess the DA are recruiting Tau now
 Out of the lot I dislike the land speeder the most.  Holy crap that thing is horrid in both the forms shown.

Alternative model  
It looks very Tau and I'm sorry but the iconology is way to much.  Ditch the pulpit, move the gunner back.  Either mount a second gunner behind or just have a plain turret.  Either way some if not all of the icons need to go.

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