Wednesday, July 9, 2014

7th Edition Sighhhhhh curse you Games Workshop!

I went out and bought 7th for myself as a belated fathers day gift. The shop owner knocked $10 of it for me.

I stopped for lunch at a local diner and tore into it over a sandwich. A young lad of 10 or so saw the books and started asking me questions. I got about 15 secs into a brief explanation when his mom snagged him away. The way she went about it you'd think I was trying to teach him witchcraft.

Anyway first impressions.

Galaxy of War - pretty pictures and a painting guide. Could do without it and have saved the cash. A smaller copy of it in a starter set would be more appropriate.

The Rules - excellently laid out and I like that it is seperate from everything else. I was tickled to see the allies matrix simplified a bit but puzzled a bit about the Eldar/Dark Eldar battle brothers thing. Almost as puzzled as I was with the Space Marine/tau in 6th edition.

Dark Millenium - Oh yeah! Love the background for this game so having a sperate book to peruse is fantastic.

Dark Millenium is well written and I immediately got that whole "grim dark" vibe. The writing is so engaging that while reading one of the battle accounts, I kept hoping that Abaddon would get a power glaive shoved up somewhere the sun don't shine by a Grey Knight. The Red Corsairs also need to be eaten by Tyranids.

The artwork is gorgeous yet chilling. Even if you are not a fluff fan, I would recommend reading it.

So on a scale of 1-5 I would say 4.5

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