Saturday, November 19, 2011

Basing my Ultramarines

Did some work tonight basing my Ultramarines.  About 80% of my minis are plain base but I'm working on changing that one squad at a time.

Plain based Spacemarines

Step 1

For step one I always use a cheap aluminum baking pan I picked up for $2.  I lay that out with my basing sand handy.  In this case I had it in an old water bottle to hold some fine sand I picked up after a windy day.

Step 2

Step two, I add a thin layer of white glue.  It helps to have a small stiff bristled brush to spread the glue around so that it covers the base completely.  Sprinkle the sand on it in a thick layer.  I always sort of smoosh it down with a coffee stir stick.  Then set it aside to dry for a couple hours.

Drying time

Step 3 dollop of glue and rock(s)

When dry, I add a dollop of glue and add a rock or two.  I try to be random when placing the rocks.

Rock added
Once done I set the mini aside and wait for another couple hours for THAT glue to dry.

Step 4 Washes

After the glue has dried, I take a watered down wash (usually black but brown works too) and apply it to the sand and rocks with a brush.  Since the washes are watery I let every thing sit over night to dry fully before adding flock or grass.  Some folks also paint and then drybrush a lighter shade but washes work for me.  If it's too dark tomorrow I will drybrush.

More later.

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